Success Planner

Make 2016 a Nonprofit Success with my 2016 Nonprofit Success Planner.

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In addition to a colorful month-to-month calendar. My 2016 Nonprofit Success Planner features:

1) a strategic planning template
2) an expedited funding plan template
3) a goal setting worksheet
4) a logic model template to help with program planning
5) monthly nonprofit tips
6) an at-a glance calendar (divided into quarters for quarterly event projections)
7) causes calendar (list of “causes” and associated awareness months to help with cause-related event planning and fundraising)
8) a nonprofit formation checklist

And as a Bonus Feature: The Corporate Sponsor Collection. The Corporate Sponsor Collection is a listing of more than 100 Corporate Sponsors, their areas of funding interest and method of contact.

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2016 Planner cover bound

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