*Coaching prices vary based on duration and complexity of contractual agreement. Coaching agreements are established either based on a flat service fee or utilizing a retainer option. Agreement option (retainer vs. flat service fee will be determined upon assessment of client’s needs).

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching (ELC) allows us to work one-on-one with nonprofit managers and leaders to maximize their leadership potential and support individualized professional development goals. This can also include coaching managers new to their role or leaders in transition.

Targeted Content Coaching

Target Content Coaching (TCC) supports a nonprofit leader to help develop his or her capacity and skills to address areas of organizational development and sustainability. Areas include nonprofit bookkeeping and financial management, nonprofit branding, funding plan development, program design, special event fundraising, grant writing, strategic planning, board governance and related training as well as special topic content areas.

Individual Success Coaching

Individual Success Coaching (ISC) helps participants identify strengths as well as underlying needs and challenges associated with starting and/or sustaining their respective nonprofit. Participants are then assisted in the development and implementation of a plan for their nonprofit endeavor, project, or event.

Workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences are also offered at your request in the following areas:
Board Development
• Nonprofit Branding
• Nonprofit Bookkeeping and Financial Management
• Funding Plan Development
• General Administration
• Human Resources
• Legal/Compliance Issues
• Marketing & Public Relations
• Organization Development

Staff Development
• Volunteer Development

We also assist with:
Meeting/Retreat Facilitation
• Grant Writing
• Giving Campaigns

If you are interested in coaching services please click here to complete the coaching survey and we will contact you with additional directions.

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